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Learn more about creating powerful plots for your next novel by exploring writing elements like story setting, plot and characters.

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Writing books featuring a host of amazing authors including Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Joyce Carol Oates, Philip Pullman and many more.

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From plot twists to character development to psychological tension - explore ways to hook the reader and keep their attention from start to finish.

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Local Author Submission

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Local Author Submission

We're pleased to house the works of many local authors, artists and creators and want to include them in our collection when possible. Local authors/creators are defined as those with an active and current community connection. Local author submissions must meet the Library’s Collection Development Policy.

At this time, we cannot accept:

  • Unsolicited materials submitted by persons or publishers outside of northwest Ohio
  • Materials with obvious or possible copyright violations
  • Materials in electronic format (eBooks, audiobooks, etc.)

Print and Complete Submission Form