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Any Sign of Life

Author: Rae Carson

ISBN: 9780062691934

"Any Sign of Life is a heartbreaking story filled with courage, friendship, and personality. Paige Miller is the perfect team-up buddy in an apocalypse. I was with her when she lost everything, and stood right next to her when she took it all back." - Wesley Chu, #1 New York...

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It All Comes Back to You

Author: Farah Naz Rishi

ISBN: 9780062741486

Two exes must revisit their past after their siblings start dating in this rom-com perfect for fans of Sandhya Menon and Morgan Matson.After Kiran Noorani's mom died, Kiran vowed to keep her dad and sister, Amira, close - to keep her family together. But when Amira announces that she's dating...

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Terciel and Elinor

Author: Garth Nix

ISBN: 9780063049321

Bestselling novelist Garth Nix returns to the Old Kingdom for the never-before-told love story of Sabriel's parents, Tericel and Elinor, and the charter magic that brought them together - and threatened to tear them apart. A long-awaited prequel to a classic fantasy series.In the Old Kingdom, a land of ancient...

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Skin of the Sea

Author: Natasha Bowen

ISBN: 9780593120941

A way to survive.A way to serve.A way to save.Simi prayed to the gods, once. Now she serves them as Mami Wata - a mermaid - collecting the souls of those who die at sea and blessing their journeys back home.But when a living boy is thrown overboard, Simi does...

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Little Thieves

Author: Margaret Owen

ISBN: 9781250191908

Once upon a time, there was a horrible girl...Vanja Schmidt knows that no gift is freely given, not even a mother's love -- and she's on the hook for one hell of a debt. Vanja, the adopted goddaughter of Death and Fortune, was Princess Gisele's dutiful servant up until a...

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Himawari House

Author: Harmony Becker

ISBN: 9781250235565

Living in a new country is no walk in the park -- Nao, Hyejung, and Tina can all attest to that. The three of them became fast friends through living together in the Himawari House in Tokyo and attending the same Japanese cram school. Nao came to Japan to reconnect...

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Author: Marissa Meyer

ISBN: 9781250618849

Long ago cursed by the god of lies, a poor miller's daughter has developed a talent for spinning stories that are fantastical and spellbinding and entirely untrue.Or so everyone believes.When one of Serilda's outlandish tales draws the attention of the sinister Erlking and his undead hunters, she finds herself swept...

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All of Us Villains

Author: Amanda Foody

ISBN: 9781250789259

The Blood Moon rises. The Blood Veil falls. The Tournament begins.Every generation, at the coming of the Blood Moon, seven families in the remote city of Ilvernath each name a champion to compete in a tournament to the death. The prize? Exclusive control over a secret wellspring of high magick...

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America Chavez: Made in the USA

Author: Marvel Comics

ISBN: 9781302924454

America Chavez, the teleporting, butt-kicking breakout star of YOUNG AVENGERS and AMERICA, is back! But who is America, really? She's tenacious, intrepid, strong, resilient - everything a hero should be. With her shattering star-shaped portals, she can go anywhere. In short, she's incredible! But there are parts of herself that...

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Author: Sharon Cameron

ISBN: 9781338355963

Author of Reese's Book Club YA Pick The Light in Hidden Places, Sharon Cameron, delivers an emotionally gripping and utterly immersive thriller, perfect for fans of Ruta Sepetys's Salt to the Sea.In 1946, Eva leaves behind the rubble of Berlin for the streets of New York City, stepping from the...

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Hunting by Stars

Author: Cherie Dimaline

ISBN: 9781419753473

Years ago, when plagues and natural disasters killed millions of people, much of the world stopped dreaming. Without dreams, people are haunted, sick, mad, unable to rebuild. The government soon finds that the Indigenous people of North America have retained their dreams, an ability rumored to be housed in the...

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Tiny Dancer

Author: Siena Cherson Siegel

ISBN: 9781481486675

All her life, Siena has dreamed of being a ballerina. Her love of movement and dedication to the craft earned her a spot at the School of American Ballet, with hopes of becoming a member of George Balanchine's world-famous New York City Ballet company. Siena has worked hard for many...

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Author: Neal Shusterman

ISBN: 9781534451254

The freeway is coming. It will cut the neighborhood in two. Construction has already started, pushing toward this corridor of condemned houses and cracked concrete with the momentum of the inevitable. Yet there you are, in the fifth house on the left, fighting for your life. Ramey, I. The victim...

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Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party's Promise to the People

Author: Kekla Magoon

ISBN: 9781536214185

In this comprehensive, inspiring, and all-too-relevant history of the Black Panther Party, Kekla Magoon introduces readers to the Panthers' community activism, grounded in the concept of self-defense, which taught Black Americans how to protect and support themselves in a country that treated them like second-class citizens. For too long the...

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We Light Up the Sky

Author: Lilliam Rivera

ISBN: 9781547603763

Pedro, Luna, and Rafa may attend Fairfax High School together in Los Angeles, but they run in separate spheres. Pedro is often told that he's "too much" and seeks refuge from his home life in a local drag bar. Luna is pretending to go along with the popular crowd but...

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Tonight We Rule the World

Author: Zack Smedley

ISBN: 9781645673323

In the beginning, Owen's story was blank . . . then he was befriended by Lily, the aspiring author who helped him find his voice. Together, the two have spent years navigating first love and amassing an inseparable friend group. But all of it is upended one day when his...

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