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All Eyes on Ozzy!

Author: K-Fai Steele

ISBN: 9780062748584

A funny and charming picture book about a girl who loves to be the center of attention, from the author of A Normal Pig.Ozzy loves attention. And the person she wants it from most of all is her music teacher, Ms. Bomba.So when it's time to choose an instrument for...

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Looking for a Jumbie

Author: Tracey Baptiste

ISBN: 9780062970817

New York Times bestselling author Tracey Baptiste and acclaimed illustrator Amber Ren take readers on a fun, creepy, storytime-ready romp through a forest filled with creatures from Caribbean folklore.I'm looking for a jumbie, I'm going to find a scary one.But Mama says jumbies exist only in stories. So Naya sets...

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I'll Love You from Afar

Author: Racha Mourtada

ISBN: 9780063138889

An imaginative girl shares some of the wonderful ways she can still show her love to friends and family far, far away. This moving, hopeful picture book is perfect for fans of While We Can't Hug and Outside, Inside. Inspired by the universal feelings of loss and loneliness that came...

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A Walk in the Words

Author: Hudson Talbott

ISBN: 9780399548710

When Hudson Talbott was a little boy, he loved drawing, and it came naturally to him. But reading? No way! One at a time, words weren't a problem, but long sentences were a struggle. As his friends moved on to thicker books, he kept his slow reading a secret. But...

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Time is a Flower

Author: Julie Morstad

ISBN: 9780735267541

What is time? Is it the tick tick tock of a clock, numbers and words on a calendar? It's that, but so much more. Time is a seed waiting to grow, a flower blooming, a sunbeam moving across a room. Time is slow like a spider spinning her web or...

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My Tree

Author: Hope Lim

ISBN: 9780823443383

A young boy, recently arrived from Korea, finds a glorious plum tree in his new backyard. It reminds him of a tree his family had back home, and he names it "Plumee" for the deep purple plums on its branches. Whenever the boy is homesick, he knows he can take...

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I Is for Immigrants

Author: Selina Alko

ISBN: 9781250237866

What do African dance, samosas, and Japanese gardens have in common? They are all gifts the United States received from immigrants: the vibrant, multifaceted people who share their heritage and traditions to enrich the fabric of our daily lives. From Jewish delis to bagpipes, bodegas and Zen Buddhism, this joyful...

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Dad Bakes

Author: Katie Yamasaki

ISBN: 9781324015413

Katie Yamasaki's newest picture book is an intimate and tender story of the love between a father and a daughter.Dad wakes early every morning before the sun, heading off to work at the bakery. He kneads, rolls, and bakes, and as the sun rises and the world starts its day...

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Moth & Butterfly: Ta Da!

Author: Dev Petty

ISBN: 9781524740511

Two caterpillar friends love what they have in common--lots of legs and a talent for chewing leaves into funny shapes. And when it's time to build cocoons, they hang theirs side by side. "Happy metamorphosis," says an older, more knowledgeable butterfly. And it is a happy metamorphosis indeed--for when the...

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Before We Stood Tall: From Small Seed to Mighty Tree

Author: Jessica Kulekjian

ISBN: 9781525303241

Expressive text and art tell the story of the life cycle of trees as it has never been told before --- in reverse.Here's a lyrical depiction of the life cycle of trees, told one step at a time, based on newly researched information. The steps are described in simple but...

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My City Speaks

Author: Darren Lebeuf

ISBN: 9781525304149

A young girl, who is visually impaired, finds much to celebrate as she explores the city she loves.A young girl and her father spend a day in the city, her city, traveling to the places they go together: the playground, the community garden, the market, an outdoor concert. As they...

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Amara and the Bats

Author: Emma Reynolds

ISBN: 9781534469013

Amara loves bats! Her favorite thing to do is to collect bat facts and watch the amazing mammals fly at night by her house. But when Amara moves to a new town, she learns that her beloved bats no longer roost nearby because so many trees are being cut down...

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When Langston Dances

Author: Kaija Langley

ISBN: 9781534485198

Langston likes basketball okay, but what he loves is to dance - ever since he saw the Alvin Ailey Dance Company perform. He longs to twirl into a pirouette, whirl into a piqué. He wants to arabesque and attitude, grand battement and grand jeté. When he walks, the whole street...

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Author: Emma Dodd

ISBN: 9781536217124

Home's an extra special spaceyou hold within your heartto keep you very close to mewhen we must be apart.A charming celebration of what home means to all of us, featuring a wise cat and an adorable little kitten who discover that there really is no place like home.

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We Are All Under One Wide Sky

Author: Deborah Wiles

ISBN: 9781683646334

In We Are All Under One Wide Sky, Deborah Wiles beautifully weaves together images from the natural world in a lovely, lyrical poem. Andrea Stegmaier's fresh and captivating illustrations feature children from around the globe and celebrate different architecture, landscapes, and activities. By the end of the book, children will...

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Yours in Books

Author: Julie Falatko

ISBN: 9781951836207

Owl just wants some peace and quiet to read his books - alone. But when the forest youngsters ruffle his feathers, he enlists the local bookshop owner to send him handpicked books to help cope with the chaos and the mess. It's not long before Owl discovers Squirrel and learns...

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