Mysteries & Thrillers

Hairpin Bridge: A Novel

Author: Taylor Adams

ISBN: 9780063065444

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Castle Shade: A Novel of Suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes

Author: Laurie R. King

ISBN: 9780525620860

The queen is Marie of Roumania: the doubly royal granddaughter to Victoria, Empress of the British Empire, and Alexander II, Tsar of Russia. A famous beauty who was married at seventeen into Roumania's young dynasty, Marie had beguiled the Paris Peace Conference into returning her adopted country's long-lost provinces, single-handedly...

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The Disappearing Act: A Novel

Author: Catherine Steadman

ISBN: 9780593158036

Once a year, actors from across the globe descend on the smog and sunshine of Los Angeles for pilot season. Every cable network and studio looking to fill the rosters of their new shows enticing a fresh batch of young hopefuls, anxious, desperate and willing to do whatever it takes...

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Hush Little Baby: A Novel

Author: R. H. Herron

ISBN: 9780593183496

Jillian Marsh is a survivor. She escaped her toxic upbringing at the hands of her religious zealot mother as a teenager, and after hitting rock bottom due to alcoholism in her twenties, she not only got sober, she built a successful marriage and medical career, even if she wasn't able...

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Suburban Dicks

Author: Fabian Nicieza

ISBN: 9780593191262

Andie Stern thought she'd solved her final homicide. Once a budding FBI profiler, she gave up her career to raise her four (soon to be five) children in West Windsor, New Jersey. But one day, between soccer games, recitals, and trips to the local pool, a very pregnant Andie pulls...

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The End of Men

Author: Christina Sweeney-Baird

ISBN: 9780593328132

Only men carry the virus. Only women can save us all. The year is 2025, and a mysterious virus has broken out in Scotland--a lethal illness that seems to effect only men. When Dr. Amanda MacLean reports this phenomenon, she is dismissed as hysterical. By the time her warning is...

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Murder, She Wrote: Killing in a Koi Pond

Author: Jessica Fletcher

ISBN: 9780593333594

After traveling to Bethesda for a mystery writers' conference, Jessica Fletcher decides she's earned a vacation and takes a train to Columbia, South Carolina, to visit her old college friend Dolores, who has recently married her third husband, Willis Nickens, a wealthy and cutthroat businessman. They've moved into an opulent...

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The Import

Author: J.T. Baier

ISBN: 9781087854564

Some skills you never lose. Killing is one of them. Matthew Riker keeps to himself, doesn't cause trouble, and never talks about his past. But after a chance encounter with a woman and a small child on the run, Riker will have to make a choice: use his hard-won skills...

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Long Way Home

Author: J.T. Baier

ISBN: 9781087889139

When Matthew Riker returns to Iowa to attend the funeral of his high school wrestling coach, he finds a lot has changed since he last set foot in his hometown.His best friend may be involved in moving drugs, and his cousin is struggling to help at-risk teens. Worst of all...

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Ghost Agent

Author: J.T. Baier

ISBN: 9781087902333

Matthew Riker promised to walk away from a life of violence. Now he's broken his word, and it's time to pay the price.After the events of THE IMPORT, Riker finds himself on the wrong side of his former employers, an elite mercenary group called QS-4. To escape with his life...

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One Got Away: A Novel

Author: S. A. Lelchuk

ISBN: 9781250170279

Nikki Griffin, a private-investigator when she isn't running her small bookstore, is on a case. The matriarch of one of the wealthiest San Francisco families has been defrauded by a con-man, and her furious son enlists Nikki to find the money. And find the con-man. Nikki isn't a fan of...

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A Distant Grave: A Mystery

Author: Sarah Stewart Taylor

ISBN: 9781250256447

Long Island homicide detective Maggie D'arcy and her teenage daughter, Lilly, are still recovering from the events of last fall when a strange new case demands Maggie's attention. The body of an unidentified Irish national turns up in a wealthy Long Island beach community and with little to go on...

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Hostage: A Locked-Room Thriller

Author: Clare Mackintosh

ISBN: 9781728245522

"Feels like a blockbuster movie" -- Lisa Jewell "A nail-biter of a thriller." -- Shari Lapena The explosively addictive locked-room thriller from New York Times bestseller Clare Mackintosh! A claustrophobic thriller set over twenty hours on one airplane flight, with the heart-stopping tension of The Last Flight and the wrenching...

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The Man Across Eight Mile

Author: D'Andre Walker

ISBN: 9781733101028

In 1976, Vietnam veteran Dominique Broddie is one of Detroit's newest detectives who must solve a case that hits too close to home.Emotionally closed off, after surviving the horrors of war, Broddie must deal with his demons from the past while facing adversity and even racism as an African American...

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The Cleaner: MI6 created him. Now they want him dead.'

Author: Mark Dawson

ISBN: 9781787395121

John Milton is the man the government call when they want a problem to vanish. But what happens when he's the one that needs to disappear? After a botched job leaves a bloody trail, government assassin John Milton does the one thing he's never done before: he hides. Disappearing into...

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His First Wife's Secret: A powerful and utterly gripping emotional drama

Author: Emma Robinson

ISBN: 9781838887902

When s husband dies in a terrible accident, she's not the only wife he leaves behind.Because, before their whirlwind romance and Emily's discovery she was pregnant, had been married to for more than twenty years. A devastating tragedy had torn them apart. But there was a part of Pete that...

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Time of Justice

Author: Robin James

ISBN: 9781951327064

This trial should be a slam-dunk. A faceless powerbroker has other ideas ... Small-town prosecutor Mara Brent must be tough as nails to succeed in her male-dominated profession. But she harbors a soft spot for the victims who rely on her courtroom skill, especially the wheelchair-bound rape survivor she's known...

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Price of Justice

Author: Robin James

ISBN: 9781951327101

Vicious felons are going free. Can one determined attorney stop them from slaughtering more innocents?Sharp small-town prosecutor Mara Brent has a heart as big as it is tough. Smack in the middle of a scandal surrounding her corrupt ex-boss, she works relentlessly to put things back in order. But when...

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Murder by Page One: A Peach Coast Library Mystery from Hallmark Publishing

Author: Olivia Matthews

ISBN: 9781952210129

Marvey, a librarian, has moved from Brooklyn to a quirky small town in Georgia. When she's not at the library organizing events for readers, she's handcrafting book-themed jewelry and looking after her cranky cat. At times, her new life in the South still feels strange...and that's before the discovery...

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