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The Brides of Maracoor: A Novel

Author: Gregory Maguire

ISBN: 9780063117730

Multimillion-copy bestselling author Gregory Maguire unveils the first in a three-book series spun off the iconic Wicked Years, featuring Elphaba's granddaughter, the green-skinned Rain.Ten years ago this season, Gregory Maguire wrapped up the series he began with Wicked by giving us the fourth and final volume of the Wicked Years...

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The French Gift: A Novel

Author: Kirsty Manning

ISBN: 9780063117907

From Kirsty Manning, author of The Song of the Jade Lily, comes a gripping World War II set historical novel about murder, secrets, and survival. A forgotten manuscript that threatens to unravel the past ... Fresne Prison, 1940: A former maid at a luxury villa on the Riviera, Margot Bisset...

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The Hidden Child: A Novel

Author: Louise Fein

ISBN: 9780063117921

In this new historical novel by the author of Daughter of the Reich, Londoners Eleanor and Edward Hamilton have wealth, status, and a happy marriage - but the 1929 financial crash is looming, and they're harboring a terrible, shameful secret. How far are they willing to go to protect their...

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The Month of Borrowed Dreams: A Novel

Author: Felicity Hayes-McCoy

ISBN: 9780063119659

"A sparkling, life-affirming novel - sunshine on the page." - Cathy Kelly"Heartwarming." - Irish IndependentReturn to USA Today bestselling author Felicity Hayes-McCoy's Finfarran Peninsula with this enchanting novel in the vein of Jenny Colgan, Maeve Binchy, and Nancy Thayer - humming with the rhythms of modern rural Irish life -...

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The Sentence

Author: Louise Erdrich

ISBN: 9780063157156

In this powerful and timely novel, National Book Award winning author Louise Erdrich explores how the burdens of history, and especially identity, appropriation, exploitation, and violence done to human beings in the name of justice, manifest in ordinary lives today.Revolving around a small independent bookstore in contemporary Minneapolis, The Sentence...

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The Last Checkmate: A Novel

Author: Gabriella Saab

ISBN: 9780063158801

Readers of Heather Morris's The Tattooist of Auschwitz and watchers of The Queen's Gambit won't want to miss this amazing debut set during World War II. A young Polish resistance worker, imprisoned in Auschwitz as a political prisoner, plays chess in exchange for her life, and in doing so fights...

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The Dark Hours

Author: Michael Connelly

ISBN: 9780316301299

There's chaos in Hollywood on New Year's Eve. Working her graveyard shift, LAPD Detective Renée Ballard seeks shelter at the end of the countdown to wait out the traditional rain of lead as hundreds of revelers shoot their guns into the air. As reports start to roll in of shat...

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The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery

Author: Richard Osman

ISBN: 9780593459812

The Thursday Murder Club is still riding high off their recent real-life murder case when an unexpected visitor arrives at their posh retirement village. An old colleague of Elizabeth's, the man is now on the lam after stealing diamonds from the wrong man, and he desperately needs the Club's help...

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The Lincoln Highway: A Novel

Author: Amor Towles

ISBN: 9780593459874

In June, 1954, eighteen-year-old Emmett Watson is driven home to Nebraska by the warden of the juvenile work farm where he has just served fifteen months for involuntary manslaughter. His mother long gone, his father recently deceased, and the family farm foreclosed upon by the bank, Emmett's intention is to...

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The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People

Author: Rick Bragg

ISBN: 9780593460221

Speck is not a good boy. He is a terrible boy, a defiant, self-destructive, often malodorous boy, a grave robber and screen door moocher who spends his days playing chicken with the Fed Ex man, picking fights with thousand-pound livestock, and rolling in donkey manure, and his nights howling at...

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The Butler: A Novel

Author: Danielle Steel

ISBN: 9780593503829

Joachim von Hartmann was born and raised in Buenos Aires by his loving German mother, inseparable from his identical twin. When Joachim moves to Paris with his mother in his late teens, his twin stays behind and enters a dark world. Meanwhile, Joachim begins training to be a butler, fascinated...

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The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

Author: Jo Nesbo

ISBN: 9780593503904

Jo Nesbø is the consummate mystery writer, and his talent for hair-raising suspense and shocking twists is on full display in this inventive and harrowing collection of stories. A detective with a nose for jealousy is on the trail of a man suspected of murdering his twin; a bereaved father...

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State of Terror

Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton

ISBN: 9781432889838

After a tumultuous period in American politics, a new administration has just been sworn in, and to everyone's surprise the president chooses a political enemy for the vital position of secretary of state. There is no love lost between the president of the United States and Ellen Adams, his new...

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Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours

Author: Tony Oppedisano

ISBN: 9781432890759

"More than a hundred books have been written about legendary crooner and actor Frank Sinatra. Every detail of his life seems to captivate: his career, his romantic relationships, his personality, his businesses, his style. But a hard-to-pin-down quality has always clung to him--a certain elusiveness that emerges again and again...

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Sustaining Faith

Author: Janette Oke

ISBN: 9781432890988

"So much has been accomplished. Lillian Walsh has stepped out courageously beyond what she'd ever dreamed of being able to achieve. She and her newly rediscovered sister, Grace, have settled three children from England into new Canadian homes and are prepared to place two more just after the New Year...

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The Other Passenger

Author: Louise Candlish

ISBN: 9781432891077

"It all happens so quickly. One day you're living the dream, commuting to work by ferry with your charismatic neighbor Kit in the seat beside you. The next, Kit hasn't turned up for the boat and his wife, Melia, has reported him missing. When you get off at your stop...

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Santa Cruise

Author: Fern Michaels

ISBN: 9781432891466

At Ridgewood High, Amy, Frankie, Rachael, and Nina formed a deep bond. Now, fifteen years after leaving school behind, they're back for a reunion, laughing, reminiscing, and chatting how much has changed--and how much hasn't. Nina, once the star of every school play, moved to Hollywood and landed a recurring...

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Spin: A Thriller

Author: Patricia Cornwell

ISBN: 9781432892029

A USA Today bestseller.Captain Calli Chase races against time to thwart a plot that leaves the fate of humanity hanging in the balance in this new thriller from international bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.In the aftermath of a NASA rocket launch gone terribly wrong, Captain Calli Chase comes face-to-face with her...

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The Magician

Author: Colm T Ib N

ISBN: 9781638080619

Colm T ib n's magnificent new novel opens in a provincial German city at the turn of the twentieth century, where the boy, Thomas Mann, grows up with a conservative father, bound by propriety, and a Brazilian mother, alluring and unpredictable. Young Mann hides his artistic aspirations from his father...

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The Book of Magic

Author: Alice Hoffman

ISBN: 9781638080947

The Owens family has been cursed in matters of love for over three hundred years, but all of that is about to change. The novel begins in a library, the best place for a story to be conjured, when beloved aunt Jet Owens hears the deathwatch beetle and knows she...

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The Last Thing He Told Me

Author: Laura Dave

ISBN: 9781638080992

Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. Despite her confusion and fear, Hannah Hall knows exactly to whom the note refers -- Owen's sixteen-year-old daughter, Bailey. Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing...

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The Last Diving Horse in America: Rescuing Gamal and Other Animals--Lessons in Living and Loving

Author: Cynthia A. Branigan

ISBN: 9781638081036

It was the signature of Atlantic City's Steel Pier in the golden age of "America's Favorite Playground": Doc Carver's High Diving Horses. Beginning in 1929, four times a day, seven days a week, a trained horse wearing only a harness ran up a ramp, a diving girl in a...

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The Second Mrs. Astor: A Novel of the Titanic

Author: Shana Abé

ISBN: 9781638081128

Madeleine Talmage Force is just seventeen when she attracts the attention of John Jacob "Jack" Astor. Madeleine is beautiful, intelligent, and solidly upper-class, but the Astors are in a league apart. Jack's mother was the Mrs. Astor, American royalty and New York's most formidable socialite. Jack is dashing and industrious...

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Pup Fiction: A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery

Author: Laurien Berenson

ISBN: 9781638081166

While usually protective, Melanie feels comfortable sending her sons to the Graceland School's summer camp for two reasons: The institution is well-regarded and proprietor Emily Grace is a trusted friend. But Emily has been acting strange since three rambunctious Dalmatian puppies suddenly appeared on her doorstep. The unusual arrival marks...

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