Babies & Toddlers

If I Were a Dog

Author: Joanna Cotler

ISBN: 9780593116104

.If I were a dog . . . I'd be silly or patient, or happy or shy. Sometimes I'd be grumpy.Sometimes I'd be playful. Just like me.In a celebration of both what it means to be a dog and what it means to be human, If I Were a Dog...

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Raindrops to Rainbow

Author: John Micklos Jr.

ISBN: 9780593224090

Raindrops are falling outside, but there's still a world of color to experience! Delightful rhymes and brilliant illustrations detail how a gloomy, rainy day might not actually be so gloomy after all when you get to spend time with Mom, Brown Bear, and the colors around you. And when a...

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When I Hold You

Author: Ashley Huffstutler

ISBN: 9781087739410

Many new mothers are overwhelmed with the love they feel for their children - an experience they cannot quite put into words. Where does such all-encompassing emotion come from? Directly from the heart of God! With lyrical rhyme and Scripture throughout, When I Hold You is a gentle, joyful, celebratory...

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One, Two, Grandma Loves You

Author: Shelly Becker

ISBN: 9781419742187

One, two, Grandma loves you.Three, four, visit more.Five, six, precious pics.Seven, eight, mark the date. A young girl and her grandmother count up to their next visit and then do all of their favorite things together in this joyful rhyming picture book.

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ISBN: 9781433828768

It's hard for toddlers to say goodbye sometimes, especially to Mom and Dad! Even if it's for a short amount of time, Mom and Dad reassure them not to worry because they will always come back. Bye-Bye! is a book written for toddlers about separation. Written with simple language and...

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Because I'm New

Author: Brad Sneed

ISBN: 9781534110717

A new baby in the family means a lot of changes--from late night diaper changes to learning new ways to play--but in this sweet offering from Brad Sneed, baby tells their older sibling just what to expect. This is a heartfelt celebration of those first months with baby and the...

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Let's Brush Our Teeth!

Author: Alexandra Cassel Schwartz

ISBN: 9781534485341

First you brush your top teeth, your top teeth. Brush the top and don't stop! Daniel Tiger likes brushing his teeth every morning and night until they're shiny and clean. He even has a song to help him remember all the places to brush! This storybook comes with a...

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Honey for You, Honey for Me: A First Book of Nursery Rhymes

Author: Michael Rosen

ISBN: 9781536212730

Honey for breakfast,Honey for tea.Honey for YOU,Honey for ME.Welcome to the vibrant world of nursery rhymes - from beloved playground sayings to forgotten gems. Collected by preeminent children's author Michael Rosen, these lilting poems, more than thirty in all, are brought to life in playful illustrations by award-winning artist Chris...

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Charlie Chooses

Author: Lou Peacock

ISBN: 9781536217278

Charlie has a hard time choosing. It doesn't matter if the choice is between flavors of ice cream, pairs of underwear, or whether to sleep with the lights on or off - the options are always overwhelming. In fact, it's easier when Charlie doesn't choose at all. However, with Charlie's...

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Alya and the Three Cats

Author: Maya Fidawi

ISBN: 9782898022364

The arrival of a new baby seen by three adorable cats Maryam and Sami have three cats: Pasha the black angora cat -- proud as a pasha really! -- Minouche the grey tabby cat found in the street and Amir the playful Siamese. One day Maryam's belly starts to get...

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