Making Tools Pricing and Terms of Use


Oracal 651 24 ft by 5 ft Permanent Vinyl - $0.25 per linear inch
Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet - $4.25 each

Plotter Large Format Printer
$1.50 per linear foot (default width is 36 inches)

Poster Printer
$0.50 per page if you bring your own paper OR

Photo Glossy Paper:
8.5x11 - $0.75 per page
11x17 - $1.50 per page
13x19 - $2.00 per page

3D Printer
$0.10 per gram ($2.86 per ounce)

Requirements for Access to Equipment

Prior to using making spaces and equipment, users must complete an orientation and register for a library card. Accounts must be considered in good standing. Prior to reserving making spaces and equipment, the borrower must review the appropriate guidelines. Independent use by those younger than 17 is subject to approval by Library staff.

Personal Equipment

All personal equipment and items must be removed from Technology Tools spaces at the end of the reservation. Personal property left in making spaces will be retained according to the Library’s Lost and Found policy. Setup, breakdown and clean‐up are built into the reservation time. Making spaces must be restored back to the original condition by the end of the reservation time. Security of personal items is the responsibility of the customer.

Financial Responsibility

The borrower is financially responsible for the full cost of any intentionally damaged or missing equipment. An equipment review will occur between the borrower and Library staff prior to and after use of studios. Any damage or technical problems related to the equipment must be immediately reported to a staff member.

Rules of Conduct

Visitors agree to adhere to the Library’s Behavior Guidelines. No drinks or food are allowed in making spaces. Items considered to be weapons, materials containing visual depictions that are obscene, contain child pornography, or which may be considered harmful to minors are not permitted and cannot be created.

Reserving Time in the Center

The borrower who makes any reservation for equipment or space must be present at all times. Certain charges to use making equipment may apply based on service used. Please see a staff member for details.

A borrower may use the making spaces and creative software for up to three hours per day. These computers are reserved for creative projects associated with making type activities.


The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of files. Users are responsible for transferring or saving all files to their personal cloud server or to their personal external drive. Computers will be rebooted after the reservation time period ends and all files saved on the computer will be deleted.

Intellectual Property Rights

Users shall respect Intellectual Property Rights. The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is not responsible for any infringement of Intellectual Property Rights that may occur.

*Terms are subject to change.

Approved by the Board of Trustees - April 2015.