Main Library Facilities Use Policy and User Agreement

The primary purpose of all Library spaces is to provide Library service. A number of public spaces are available and appropriate for use by other individuals, groups and organizations. The following policies apply to such use.

1. Outside groups or organizations may use facilities like the conference rooms and quiet study rooms without charge during normal hours of operation by reservation. There is also limited opportunity to use the Community Room (on parking level) outside of normal Library hours. These no-cost spaces can be reserved by making a reservation through the Library's Meeting Rooms webpage. All of these spaces are subject to availability, and functions held in these areas must be free and open to the public and follow all Library policies and practices. The Library reserves the right to cancel or deny a request.

In addition, during normal hours of operation, all Library branches have meeting rooms that may be reserved at no charge, as long as the rooms are used in accordance with Library policies and practices.

2. Main Library does offer rentable spaces, as well. Areas available for rental include: the McMaster Family Center for Lifelong Learning, the Lobby of the McMaster Center, the Large Meeting Room and the Gathering Space (just outside the Large Meeting Room). The capacity for each area is determined by the Fire Marshal. For more information, call 419.259.5199.

3. Library events take precedence over requests from outside organizations. The Library administration reserves the right to decline any request.

4. All events held at Main Library need to be conducted in an orderly manner, and in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and Library's Expectations of Behavior. Spaces must be used in accordance with Library policies and practices.

5. Any party desiring to rent Library facilities must complete a reservation form and must submit a floor-plan for each requested area. Costs will be calculated based on a fee structure. All forms must be received and approved by the Library a minimum of twenty working days in advance. A fifty percent deposit of the room rental is required for rentals and must be submitted upon Library’s approval of the rental. All deposits not received within 10 business days of approval may cause the renter to lose the hold on the space. Checks may be written to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Final payment, including any additional costs incurred, must be paid within twenty working days after the event. Any payments not received within twenty working days of the event shall be in default and subject to penalty fees.

6. Teleconference and/or A/V requirements must be submitted at the time of the application. All digital presentations must be submitted at least three working days prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in the technology not being available for use.

7. The Library reserves the right to approve the caterer, the menu, the entertainment, the schedule of activities and the decorations. These details must be included in the application. Food and beverages are permitted only in the area rented but may not be taken in to the McMaster Family Center for Lifelong Learning without prior approval and an additional security deposit received. If food/beverages are to be allowed in McMaster, a cleaning deposit of $250 will be required. The deposit will be returned if the venue is found to not need additional deep cleaning after the event.

8. Materials cannot be nailed or taped to any Library wall or structure.

9. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, special approval from Library Administration must be granted, and strict compliance with state liquor laws must be adhered to including, without limitation, a properly issued liquor license issued from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control.

All costs associated with securing a liquor license shall be at renter’s sole cost. A copy of the license must be submitted to the Library at least three working days prior to the event. The Library reserves the right to cancel the serving of alcoholic beverages at the event if the permit is not received in time.

In addition to a liquor license, if alcohol is being served, renter shall provide a Certificate of Insurance verifying insurance coverage, including applicable liquor liability coverage or endorsement, and naming the Library as an additional insured. Coverage shall be provided with limits of no less than One Million Dollars. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the Library at least three working days prior to the event. The Library reserves the right to cancel the serving of alcoholic beverages at the event if the certificate is not received in time.

10. The Library reserves the right to require additional liability insurance when the Library deems appropriate, even if alcohol is not to be served, in its sole discretion, and at the sole cost of the renter. If it is deemed by the Library that the event requires additional liability insurance, a copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the Library at least three working days prior to the event. If this is not received, the Library reserves the right to cancel the event.

11. Smoking is not allowed on Library premises, including the Civic Plaza (rooftop) and the parking garage.

12. Parking in the Library garage may be used, subject to availability, and with a fee structure to be calculated on an individual basis. Valet parking services must be approved by the Library.

13. The use of an audio-visual technician for events must be arranged through the Library and applicable fees will be assessed. Organizations are not permitted access to the McMaster Center control room or A/V technology in the Large Meeting Room under any circumstances. Attempting to do so may result in additional fees.

14. If the Library determines, in its sole discretion, that additional security is required for the event, any additional costs will be charged to the renter.

15. If there is additional set-up or clean-up required on the Library’s part, an additional fee may be incurred, at the Library’s discretion. Library staff only handles set-up and tear-down of Library owned property.

16. Load-in and load-out are to be done at times agreed upon by Library and renter and shall be performed by renter’s staff or contractors. Certificates verifying workers’ compensation and insurance coverage shall be provided for all workers. Library staff will not handle renter’s equipment. Docks are not to be tied up for any period longer than 30 minutes at any given time.

17. A written notice is required for all cancellations, and the renter must receive a confirmation from the Library to be valid. Deposits are nonrefundable if canceled within five working days of the event. If the room reservation is cancelled before five working days of the event, a $25 processing fee will still be charged. Cancellation notice of less than 48 hours of the event will still require full payment.

18. Renter agrees, at its sole expense, to defend the Library against, and to indemnify and hold the Library harmless from, any and all damages, costs, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, obligations, losses or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, presented by any third party against renter or the Library, as a result of any personal injury, death or property damage arising from (a) the use of the Rental Area by Renter or (b) the negligence or breach of this Agreement by Renter or Renter’s employees, contractors, agents, representatives or guests.

This “Policy Statement Agreement” must be completed by an adult authorized by his/her organization to enter into this agreement, and the organization is responsible for adhering to these regulations and for the orderly conduct of the group while on Library premises. In the event of any damage to the Library and/or equipment, that individual, as well as the organization, will be liable. The applicant takes responsibility for seeing that attendance does not exceed the posted capacity of an event area, and that all/any changes to estimated quantity or set-up or event program are communicated to the Library’s Development Department – 419.259.5199.

Download the form: Main Facilities Policy And User Agreement

Approved by the Board of Trustees - July 2019