Gallery Exhibits

Current Exhibits:

Maumee Art Gallery
Sadie Palmer-Wilcox & Ptah Amissah-Aidoo: The Feelings All Over Again
Oct. 1 – Nov. 13, 2021
During Library hours

Sadie and Ptah are so excited to welcome you to their first dual art gallery show opening! They offer a one-of-a-kind collaborative style that showcases a complex overlap of Sadie's abstract, deeply emotional, born from thought feeling art and Ptah's dramatic realism/likeness art style. In a series of pieces combining their art, they hope to capture the beauty of the seen world and the emotion, thought, and feeling of the unseen world. In other words, a wholesome, raw view of what it means to feel alive.

Interested in displaying your work at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library? We encourage you to submit a proposal at the link below. The Library selects displays to share a variety of artistic mediums, styles, and points of view within the community. Art to be displayed should adhere to local community standards and be appropriate for both youth and adult audiences.

Please note—we receive far more submissions than our modest spaces allow.


Upcoming Exhibits

Main Library Gallery
Silent Witness Project
Oct. 11 – Nov. 6, 2021
During Library hours

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and once again, The Steinem Sisters Collection has partnered with the Bethany House of Toledo to exhibit a portion of Northwest Ohio’s Silent Witness Project. The Silent Witness Project is an important initiative meant to bring awareness to domestic violence homicides through the stories of women who have been lost. Through the stories the Silent Witness Project shares, the real cost of domestic violence to the women, their families, and their communities takes center stage. The Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project is housed and maintained by Bethany House.

Maumee Art Gallery
Marc and Kathy Woodward: Eretz Yisrael
Nov. 15 – Dec. 31, 2021
During Library hours

Thanks for taking a look at our photos of Eretz Israel. We hope that you will experience the history, diversity, and pleasure that we found in this fascinating country. It is amazing to look at, touch, and photograph buildings and artifacts that are thousands of years old. It is interesting to see a worldwide mix of cultures come together to build a country—and it is really fun to share all this with you.