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Upcoming Best-sellers For Winter 2019/2020

Posted 12/17/19 by Amy H

There’s a comfort in knowing your favorite author has a new title coming out. Here’s the list of upcoming best-sellers for winter 2019/2020. Perfect for our inaugural Winter Read!

Cover of Twisted Twenty-Six

Twisted Twenty-Sixin Catalog

By Janet Evanovich

As someone who has spent an entire career finding bad guys, a set of missing keys should be no challenge for Stephanie Plum. Problem is, the facts are as twisted as a boardwalk pretzel with mustard.

Cover of Criss Cross

Criss Crossin Catalog

By James Patterson

In a Virginia penitentiary, Alex Cross and his partner, John Sampson, witness the execution of a killer they helped convict. Hours later, they are called to the scene of a copycat crime. A note signed 'M' rests on the corpse. 'You messed up big time, Dr. Cross.' Was an innocent man just put to death?

Cover of A Minute to Midnight

A Minute to Midnightin Catalog

By David Baldacci

FBI Agent Atlee Pine's life was never the same after her twin sister Mercy was kidnapped - and likely killed - thirty years ago. After a lifetime of torturous uncertainty, Atlee's unresolved anger finally gets the better of her on the job, and she finds she has to deal with the demons of her past if she wants to remain with the FBI.

Cover of Spy

Spyin Catalog

By Danielle Steel

At eighteen, Alexandra Wickham is presented to King George V and Queen Mary in an exquisite white lace and satin dress her mother has ordered from Paris. With her delicate blond looks, she is a stunning beauty who seems destined for a privileged life. But fate, a world war, and her own quietly rebellious personality lead her down a different path.

Cover of Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cryin Catalog

By Mary Higgins Clark

When investigative journalist Gina Kane receives an e-mail from a "CRyan" describing her "terrible experience" while working at REL, a high-profile television news network, including the comment "and I'm not the only one", Gina knows she has to pursue the story. But when Ryan goes silent, Gina is shocked to discover the young woman has died tragically in a jet ski accident while on holiday.

Cover of Final Option

Final Optionin Catalog

By Clive Cussler

Juan Cabrillo and his crew are sent to Brazil to rescue three CIA agents whose identities have been compromised. Aboard the Oregon, one of the most advanced spy ships ever built, they face new challenges and nemeses as they undertake another dangerous mission.

Cover of Genesis

Genesisin Catalog

By Robin Cook

New York Times best-selling author Robin Cook takes on the ripped-from-the-headlines topic of harnessing DNA from ancestry websites to catch a killer in this timely and explosive new medical thriller.

Cover of Beating About the Bush: An Agatha Raisin Mystery

Beating About the Bush: An Agatha Raisin Mysteryin Catalog

By M.c. Beaton

When private detective Agatha Raisin comes across a severed leg in a roadside hedge, it looks like she is about to become involved in a particularly gruesome murder. Looks, however, can be deceiving, as Agatha discovers when she is employed to investigate a case of industrial espionage at a factory where nothing is quite what it seems.

Cover of Hindsight

Hindsightin Catalog

By Iris Johansen

FBI consultant Kendra investigates a double murder that occurs at her former school.

Cover of The Lost

The Lostin Catalog

By James Patterson And Emily Raymond

Magical teen siblings Whit and Wisty Allgood struggle against a mounting public opposition to magic and a brutal crime wave led by a powerful wizard intent on ruling the City.

Cover of Treason

Treasonin Catalog

By Stuart Woods

Upon returning to New York City after a whirlwind British excursion, Stone Barrington is notified of a delicate situation within the country’s administration. A close friend requires his expertise and subtlety to eradicate a destructive presence in a classified agency–only it soon becomes clear that this renegade was sent by a rival Stone has encountered before.

Cover of The Vanishing

The Vanishingin Catalog

By Jayne Ann Krentz

Decades ago in the small town of Fogg Lake, The Incident occurred: an explosion in the cave system that released unknown gases. The residents slept for two days. When they woke up they discovered that things had changed — they had changed. Some started having visions. Others heard ominous voices. And then, scientists from a mysterious government agency arrived.

Cover of Moral Compass

Moral Compassin Catalog

By Danielle Steel

Saint Ambrose Prep is a place where the wealthy send their children for the best possible education, with teachers and administrators from the Ivy League, and graduates who become future lawyers, politicians, filmmakers, and CEOs. Traditionally a boys-only school, Saint Ambrose has just enrolled one hundred and forty female students for the first time. Even though most of the kids on the campus have all the privilege in the world, some are struggling, wounded by their parents’ bitter divorces, dealing with insecurity and loneliness.