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Independent Kids Embrace Fashion with Style! Resources for Preschool and Kindergarten

Posted 04/20/21 by Clare T

We live in a fashion-conscious world, filled with desires of trendy shoes, handbags, and designer labels.

It’s no wonder our children embrace their own fashion choices, too.

For most of us, planning an outfit requires many choices with color, pattern, and texture. The youngest children tackle the challenges of ties, buttons and zippers, brushing teeth, and styling hair. How exciting! After all that learning, maybe it is time for our children to select their own clothes? Once our kids successfully become “independently dressed,” there is always a chance they may embrace fashion as a lifelong, unconventional experiment.

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library offers some delightful children’s stories about characters who explore the many facets of style and fashion. These imaginative stories show how clothing provides a forum for freedom of choice and imagination. Join in with hoopla’s Nashville Sound to sing preschool songs about learning how to dress. Your child may never agree with your parental choices, but being fashion forward means a lot to some children. You can embrace it or debate it, but it’s all about independence, personal style, and self-expression. So, no matter what your style, don’t forget: the tag goes in the back!

Cover of Green pants

Green pants

Cover of One red sock

One red sock

Cover of Oh, Daddy!

Oh, Daddy!

Cover of A dress for me!

A dress for me!

Cover of Underwear!


Cover of Green boots, blue hair, polka-dot underwear

Green boots, blue hair, polka-dot underwear

Cover of On account of the gum

On account of the gum

Cover of Hair, it's a family affair!

Hair, it's a family affair!

Cover of Parent hacks: 134 genius shortcuts for life with kids

Parent hacks: 134 genius shortcuts for life with kids

Cover of Dress Me! Dress Me!
Cover of Ella Sarah Gets Dressed Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
Cover of Just Get Dressed Just Get Dressed

Speaking of life skills, as your little one progresses with learning, you can help your child be ready with essential literacy skills too! Our virtual Countdown to Kindergarten program includes helpful videos about:

  • The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)
  • Skills you and your child can practice over the summer
  • Reading tips and a story about a child's first day in kindergarten

Scroll down to view the video series, then request a kindergarten packet that includes skill rings, safety scissors, and additional information about the KRA. Requests can be sent to  

Thank you to the Library Legacy Foundation for making this program possible!

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